Renaud Dardenne Trio invites Osvaldo Hernandez

Renaud Dardenne, key figure in Belgian gypsy jazz needs no introduction. This trio is a blend between the unique relationship between Renaud Dardenne and guitarist Benjamin Clément and the sensational groove of Boris Schmidt on double bass. No better trio to welcome brilliant percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez.  Osvaldo Hernandez (National Ballet of Mexico, Deep Forest, Carlos Dias, Rosa Brandão…) has established himself in Northern Europe as a reference in Latin American and Afro-Cuban percussion. Let yourself carry away in a trance of lyrical rhythms and sounds.

Renaud Dardenne – violin Osvaldo Hernandez – percussion Benjamin Clement – guitar Boris Schmidt – contrabass


Quartet 508 was born in 2019 from an encounter between guitarist Rafaël Gouirand and violin player Livio Luzzi. In the purest style of Parisian swing – direct heritage of the Hot Club de France Quintet founded by Django Reinhardt – the group is created around rhythm guitarist Frédéric Guédon and double bassist Antoine Guiot. It is at Raphael’s home, number 508, that the quartet rehearses each week. Their repertoire is influenced by the entire career of Django Reinhardt and by the musicians associated with him, such as Hubert Rostaing, Gus Viseur and, of course, Stéphane Grapelli. Quartet 508’s aesthetic is light, energetic and the choice of pieces and the way they are arranged give a unique flavor to this brand new Belgian gypsy jazz formation.

Livio Luzzi – violin Rafaël Gouirand – guitar Frédéric Guédon – rhythm guitar Antoine Guiot – contrabas

Alexandre Cavalière Quintet

These stories of exceptional talents discovered at an early age are probably appropriate in the case of the violinist Alexandre Cavalier. At the age of 12, he met Didier Lockwood and Babik Reinhardt who invited him to Paris, infusing his career with a dazzling departure.  Alexandre skims international scenes with his father’s group and collects an impressive list of performances.  Today, he is back with his latest project ‘Manouche Moderne’ released in 2020. In this project he fuses gypsy jazz to be-bop and modern jazz through influences like Dorado Schmitt, or Bireli Lagrene.

Alexandre Cavalière – violin Jean-Louis Rassinfosse – contrabas Vincent BRUYNINCKX – piano  Frédéric GUEDON – guitar Emmanuel BONETTI – guitar

Myrddin de Cauter & friends

The technical virtuosity of the musician from Ghent, combined with his profoundly lyrical experience, is enough to make the great Spanish flamenco masters pale in comparison. Anyone who has attended one of his concerts can testify to this… Complex and passionately rhythmic, Myrddin de Cauter’s playing digs, in his own words, into the inner mines of human existence. For Djangofolllies XXS, Myrddin invites family and friends for an exceptional concert between gypsy and flamenco.

Myrddin De Cauter guitare – clarinet Lionel Beuvens batterie, percussion Vigdis De Cauter – piano Djalt Baculai – trompet Koen De Cauter clarinette – guitar, vocals Waso De Cauter – guitar Imre De Cauter – cello Fapy Lafertin – guitar Dajo De Cauter – contrabass Sofia Diaz – vocals