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Dan Gharibian Trio


A heart-warming musical territory, moulded from tradition

The charismatic voice of Dan Gharibian warms our hearts, along with the young gypsy jazz musicians guitarist Benoît Convert and accordionist Antoine Girard. They form a fantastic trio that moulds from tradition a new musical territory.

Dan Gharibian is the founder of the legendary band Bratsch, a spearhead of Gypsy and Eastern European music since the 1980s. He is an unusual figure, both in form and substance. His voice takes us to the East, where the Greek, Armenian and Russian territories mingle with the roots of the Balkans. He knows these rhythms like no other and moves them delicately during ballads that just don't seem to last long enough.

Accordionist, pianist and composer Antoine Girard earned a degree at the Conservatory of Chambéry and studied musicology in Lyon. A follower of musical encounters and new experiences, he is regularly invited to join projects where popular and intellectual music, world music and improvised music meet. There he often encounters Benoît Convert, the youngest member of the trio. This guitarist, well known from the band Les doigts de l’homme, is much in demand in the gypsy jazz world and greatly appreciated for his improvisational skills. These two young musicians have their own approach and contribute by their imagination to enrich the music of the trio.

Information & Ticketing
Thursday 23-01-2020 11:30 • Kunsthumaniora - Brussel • Change
Saturday 25-01-2020 20:00 • Blikfabriek - Antwerpen (Hoboken) • Event Change
Sunday 26-01-2020 19:00 • Central - La Louvière • TicketEvent

Dan Gharibian: vocals, guitar
Antoine Girard: accordion, voice
Benoît Convert: guitar, voice